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Tips for choosing a good Squirrel

I want to share tips on keeping squirrels. Although only based on experience – without using other sources – in my opinion it is enough, because keeping squirrels is very easy, besides being cheap and festive. Immediately following the tips:

SELECT Squirrel:

It is best to buy a pair of squirrels at a time, not just one. Especially if you find a squirrel that has been paired by the seller, considering that squirrels are loyal animals. Cieeileh. A pair of squirrels separate or one of them dies, soon the others follow and die because they fail to move on.

The ideal age for squirrels to start breeding is 1 month. Keeping squirrels under one month old requires extra care (feeding them milk, drying them in the morning sun, etc.), whereas squirrels older than one month tend to be difficult to tame.

The characteristics of this ideal age squirrel: The body is still small (fits in the palm of the hand), but the eyelids are already open (the baby squirrel has not opened his eyes yet). Also has been running smoothly and uphill (not rocking),

For more options, we recommend that you buy them at the animal market. Remember, choosing the right squirrel will go a long way when taming it.

SET Squirrel:

Food? Squirrels love almost all fruits and nuts. For me, I usually give any fruit (especially bananas and papayas)

But avoid "hot" foods that can interfere with digestion, such as chocolate, grapes, and durian. Simply put, if the poop is wet or red, it means your squirrel has diarrhea and has stopped feeding it.

You do not need to give him water to drink because the water content in the fruit is sufficient. Moreover, raw water can cause diarrhea or sugar water that causes dehydration. Feed him 3 times a day, or when he asks for it.

Bed? just prepare a pile of cloth in a basin or hamster cage, and make sure it's really warm inside. Because of their short fur, squirrels like warm air. Excessive exposure to cold gusts of wind can cause him to catch a cold and die.

In very cold conditions, heating can be added (you can use an electric mosquito repellent-but don't fill it with medicine-). Squirrels can sleep up to 20 hours a day.

In order not to stress, you should not disturb his sleep too often, try to be sensitive when he is sleepy and no longer wants to play. Squirrels will wake up on their own and make a "grunt" sound when they are hungry or want to play.

Pen? Apart from being a place to sleep, the cage is usually used when drying them to enjoy the sun, to strengthen their bones.

Squirrels are dried in the sun for 5-15 minutes every day depending on the heat of the sun, to be safe it is better to use the morning/afternoon sun which is more shady. As for playing, they don't need to be in a cage, just let them roam in a closed room, unless there is a dog or cat in your house.

For example, there are cave friends who tie ropes between trellises, cupboards, tables, etc. so the squirrels don't have to come down to the floor to cross the room.

Bath? Although not mandatory, so as not to smell, squirrels can be bathed once a week during the day. Use warm water so he doesn't struggle with the cold in the shower.

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