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How to make soft nastar cake to be used as your collection

How do you make nastar cakes that are soft and melt in your mouth to serve as a Eid meal later? Indeed, Eid cannot be separated from various pastries, including nastar.

Towards the holidays, there's nothing wrong if you try to make your own nastar cake at home. Take note of the recipe and the method so that the nastar cake can have a soft texture, yes!

Nastar cakes are usually filled with pineapple jam, although fruit jam or other chocolate jams can also be used. So, to make it taste better, you should use pineapple jam which is also homemade. After that just start making nastar cakes in the following way.

1. Nastar Cake Ingredients

Before starting the steps to make nastar cake, you must first prepare all the ingredients needed. These are the ingredients for making nastar cakes that are soft in the mouth.

100 grams butter (butter)

150 grams of margarine

350 grams of low protein flour

50 grams of fine granulated sugar

5 egg yolks, 2 for cake and 3 for spread

2 tablespoons powdered milk

3 teaspoons sweetened condensed milk

3 tablespoons of cooking oil

1 teaspoon fine salt

Pineapple jam to taste

2. How to Make Nastar Cake

After all the cake ingredients are prepared, continue with the steps for making nastar, which are as follows.

Take a clean container to make dough

Enter the egg yolks, margarine, butter, sugar and salt then beat briefly as long as all the ingredients are mixed

Sift the flour and milk powder and then add it to the mixture little by little while stirring

After the dough is well mixed (not sticky) take one spoon and form a ball

Flatten the dough then fill it with pineapple jam and then round it again

Prepare the spread ingredients, namely egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk and cooking oil. Mix well.

Brush the surface of the nastar cake with oil using a brush.

Preheat the oven for a while then put the baking sheet in it and bake the cake until the top is golden brown. The oven temperature is about 180°C and the time is about 45 minutes.

Once cooked, turn off the oven and wait for the cake to cool

When the cake has cooled, put it in a closed container or jar so it doesn't stick.

Nastar cake is ready to be served and enjoyed.

3. Things to Pay Attention to in Making Nastar Cakes

So that the nastar cake you make can have a soft and melted taste when eaten, you should pay attention to the following important things.

The use of butter or butter will not only strengthen the soft texture of the cake but also add to its savory aroma.

But if there is no butter can be replaced with margarine.

Nastar cake should not be baked using a temperature that is too high because it can burn but is not ripe and the surface is cracked so it doesn't look beautiful.

Don't bake the nastar cake for too long if you don't want it to have a hard texture.

If you are kneading the dough by hand, try to use only your fingers as the heat of your palms can overcook the cake and make it tough.

Use completely clean and dry containers and pans.

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