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Easy Ways to Sketch Shark Pictures for Coloring

Shark is one of the most popular fish sketches for kids. Sharks with a fierce appearance and sharp teeth give a distinct impression.

Moreover, there are cartoons featuring types of sharks, it is natural for children to dream about them. There are so many fans of this animal character, many use it as an object to color pictures.

As a result, the image of a shark became one of the most sought after. If you are one of them, you can save it as one of the images that I will attach to the sample sketch later.

Sharks are one type of wild fish and are known for their aggressive nature. Sharks can grow to a length of up to 12 meters.

Based on several studies conducted, the type of shark that is often found is Carcharhinus Leucas. Here are the characteristics of this fish:

Has two fins on the front left and right. The rear has one long fin that looks like a fighter plane and one short fin on the lower rear body. In general, fins on sharks are used to balance the body when hunting.

It has a transverse mouth located on the head and tapering anteriorly.

It has skin with placoid scales and mucous glands. Sharks are cold-blooded animals whose bodies can adapt to the environment.

Fish skeleton in the form of cartilage and no hard bones.

It has one to two nasal cavities with no connection to the oral cavity.

Has a pair of jaws that are above and below. When the jaw is moved, the shark is able to eat larger prey and any object or prey that enters its mouth will be crushed.

It has toothed teeth like brushes and is complete with sharp enamel and is capable of tearing prey.

Has a pair of angora movements, so it is very strong to tear its prey.

The skeleton of the body that is formed from young bone or cartilage makes the shark's body very light and flexible. But shark bones can sometimes calcify which makes their bodies harder like bones.

Sharks are slow to reach sexual maturity and therefore produce fewer offspring than other fish. No wonder sharks are included in protected rare animals.

Tips for Sketching a Shark Image

If you are a parent or teacher at school, you can provide a sketch of a shark drawing for the children to color. Previously, to sketch a picture, there are some tips that need to be followed, so that children are easy and happy in coloring. Here are some tips for sketching a shark image.

Prepare tools for drawing, namely pencil, ruler and eraser.

Find and study references or other things related to drawing sharks.

Initial sketches should use light strokes so that they are easy to erase and don't leave marks.

Drawing by copying other images will make it easier for you to draw a shark.

If you don't like copying other images, you can draw in your own style. Because drawing is a place to express yourself and has a characteristic according to the character of the person who drew it.

When the sketch is definitely ready, you can emphasize the lines used.

Ask for other people's opinions and listen to criticism and suggestions from those around you.

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