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7 Ways to Clean a Congested and Dirty Baby's Nose

It's important to know how to clear your baby's nose, especially if his nose is stuffy due to a cold or allergies.

The baby's nose can also sometimes be blocked due to a foreign object in the nose or nasal fluid that has accumulated. As a result, the child has difficulty breathing, even becomes lazy to breastfeed or eat.

It is important to remember that the use of medications such as decongestants to thin mucus is not recommended.

You can try a natural and safe way to clean your baby's nose at home.

Cleaning vaginal discharge is one of the baby care routines that parents must do. This treatment is useful for preventing nasal congestion which can make the baby uncomfortable.

Some of the ways to clean the baby's nose below can be tried by parents themselves and can be done at home. Every?

1. Using a nasal spray

Saline or nasal sprays are the safest choices on your baby's nose cleaning list.

How to use it is easy. You just need to lay the baby down, gently tilt his head, and spray 2-3 drops of the medicine. This method can help clear the baby's stuffy nose.

2. Use nasal cleansing fluid

Parents can also make their own vaginal discharge to help relieve the baby's stuffy nose. Adjust the isotonic or hypertonic dose according to the baby's age.

How to make your own nasal cleansing fluid is:

Mix a teaspoon of salt with a cup of boiling water

Let stand until normal temperature

Store in sterile and closed bottles

Do not store the nasal cleanser for more than 24 hours. Always make a new liquid every day.

When you are about to wipe your baby's nose, lay him on a towel with his head slightly tilted. Then, put 2-3 drops of the liquid into the baby's nose with a pipette or dropper. Wait for 30-60 seconds.

Finally, rotate the baby's body to help clear his nose.

If the baby's nose has mucus or sores, then clean it with a tissue or soft towel. Don't forget to clean the area around the baby's nostrils and clean the dropper after each use.

3. Using steam

How to clean a baby's nose that can also be done at home is to use hot steam. First, turn on a hot shower in the bathroom or collect hot water in a bucket. Leave it in the shower until it evaporates.

After that, sit in the bathroom with the baby. Inhaling this warm steam can help clear your baby's stuffy nose. The hope is that the mucus in the baby's nose will become thinner and easier to expel.

4. Drink lots of fluids

As much as possible, encourage children to drink more fluids or breast milk if they are young. The fluid serves to expel and thin the phlegm so that it can relieve the baby's stuffy nose.

One way to get rid of a baby's stuffy nose is to turn on a humidifier

Turning on the humidifier in the room while the baby is sleeping can prevent nasal congestion

5. Turn on the humidifier

You can also help clear your baby's stuffy nose by turning on a humidifier in the room. Air that is too dry in the room can cause the nose to become dry too. For that, you can turn on the humidifier while the baby is sleeping to prevent nasal congestion.

6. Get enough rest

Another key to helping your baby deal with a stuffy nose is getting plenty of rest. As their bodies fight off the virus, build an atmosphere so they can rest as much as possible.

It doesn't have to be by sleeping, another way can be to play without sound. You can invite them to play in comfortable parts of the house such as mattresses and sofas. Then, give them toys such as books or other toys.

7. Sleep with your head held high

Another way to help your baby breathe easier is to sleep with his head elevated. The goal, gravity can help overcome a blocked baby's nose.

You can put an extra pillow on top of the baby's mattress. It could be that sleeping in this position will make the baby more comfortable than sleeping on a flat plane, especially when his nose is very stuffy.

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