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Tips for Organizing a Narrow Living Room to Make it Look Spacious

Not everyone has a big and spacious house. If you are a person who has a living room that is not too spacious, don't be discouraged.

Your living room can also be transformed in such a way to make it look spacious and comfortable.

No one can deny that the living room is one of the most important elements of a house. In this living room, you will first set foot upon returning from the office or the first room your guests visit.

With your limited living room area, you are required to find ways to organize a narrow living room to make it look spacious and neat. You certainly don't want your guests to have an unpleasant impression after visiting your home.

Check out these tips for arranging a living room so that it not only looks wider, but also comfortable.

Save Items That Are Considered Unnecessary

If you have a variety of items in your living room, it's a good idea to start sorting out the items you don't really need. Choose these items based on their visual use and function for your living room.

You can store some of your magazines as aesthetic support, while the rest of other items such as unused archives or used magazines that look damaged on your living room table, you can store in a storage room or warehouse.

If there are items left that are no longer suitable for future use, you can sell them or recycle them if possible.

Install Mirrors in Strategic Places

The installation of mirrors has often been applied by designers to give a broad impression in a room. You can also do it in your living room.

Install a mirror opposite the sofa you have. If possible, install a mirror near the living room window. The mirror will reflect light from outside that passes through the window.

Natural modern living room interior

Take advantage of the Living Room Wall Area

If the furniture you have already takes up a lot of space and feels like there is not enough space, you can use the wall area to store some of your things.

You can install floating shelves to store items that you previously kept on the table. By moving these items onto a raised shelf, you can rearrange some of your existing items and furniture for you to readjust to new conditions.

You can also install a chandelier or wall lamp for a light source in your living room.

Use a Small Table

We recommend using a small table for your living room. You can easily move the small table from one point to another because of its light weight.

In addition, a small table will not take up too much space in your living room so you can use another section for access roads or other items.

Even so, adjust it to your activity level and intensity in meeting acquaintances in the living room. Choose a table that is not too small for a room where the intensity of the arrival of guests is quite high.

This not too small table will work well when you serve snacks or drinks to guests at home.

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