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Recipes How to Make Delicious Cakes

Of course everyone likes it especially if the cake has a savory, sweet and delicious taste. Cakes with a biting taste will make anyone addicted.

This makes many people choose to run a cake business. Types of cakes are now more diverse and more popular. Especially now that the cake business opportunity is very promising, many people are getting into the cake business.

Moreover, how to make sponge cake is very easy with various recipes that can be searched on the internet or following recipe book instructions.

If you have a hobby of making cakes then this is a good opportunity to channel your hobby as additional income.

Loss if the baking skill is not used to its full potential. In Indonesia, cakes are very popular with various groups and the demand will always increase.

Cakes are usually a treat for guests who come to the house or for certain celebrations. Fans of this wonderful cake is an occasion worth trying.

From wet cakes to pastries, the demand is high. If you want to start a cake business, you should first know the types of cakes, both wet cakes and pastries. First, wet cake is a type of cake with a soft, soft and wet texture.

With these characteristics, cakes are easily stale or have a short shelf life. Wet cakes are synonymous with oriental cakes and traditional cakes. Second, pastries are cakes with a crunchy and hard texture.

Of course, this type of pastry is more durable. Third, bakery is a type of cake in the form of cake, bread, pastry. This food is processed by roasting or frying. Bread cakes have the advantage of being fragrant and delicious.

After knowing a little info about the type of cake, then the next step is to know the recipe for how to make a cake. In this way the desire to open a cake business can be realized, knowing the recipe and how to make it becomes the main provision for opening a cake business. Just take a look at the cake recipe below:

Nagasari Cake Recipe

Kue Nagasari is a soft and delicious traditional cake made from rice flour with a sliced ​​banana in the middle.

This nagasari cake is wrapped in banana leaves and then cooked by steaming. The soft texture of the nagasari cake makes anyone addicted. Moreover, making this Nagasari cake is very easy, let's just look at the recipe:

Ingredients :

Material I:

  • 200 gr rice flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 400 ml medium thick coconut milk
  • 130 gr sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract or tsp vanilla powder
  • Material II:
  • 400 ml thick coconut milk
  • 100 gr tapioca flour
  • Other Ingredients:

Plantains to taste, cut about 3 cm and halved

Banana leaves to wrap the dough

How to make :

Ingredient I: Put the rice flour and coconut milk into the pan, then mix well.

In order to produce a smooth dough, prepare a sieve to filter lumps in the dough.

Put the dough in a bowl, add sugar, salt and pandan leaves. Cook this mixture over low heat while stirring until thick.

Pour the ingredients II td into the mixture in the pan, then stir and cook until the mixture is thick and thick.

Prepare 2 banana leaves with a size that is wide enough and then flatten. Place about 2 tablespoons of dough on top of the leaf, pressing down to expand. Next add 1 banana in the middle of the dough, cover again with the dough.

Wrap this dough in a banana leaf, by folding it inward. If you have placed the nagasari in the steamer with the leaf folds at the bottom.

Steam for 20 minutes. If it is cooked, remove and cool when the nagasari cake is ready to be served.

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