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Nastar Cake Recipe Today Various Variants, Delicious Snacks

Various kinds of pastries are indeed a typical food during Eid.

Starting from the snow princess cake with a beautiful sprinkle of powdered sugar to the soft and savory castangle cake. Various kinds of pastries are always served at the moment of Eid every year.

No wonder, if in the moment of Ramadan, the idea of ​​​​a pastry business always attracts the interest of many people to make a profit.

Of the many types of pastries, Snow White is one of the most popular pastries on the market. This cake has a soft texture and a savory and sweet taste.

The sweet taste of this nastar cake is obtained from the pineapple jam which is the stuffing ingredient. The combination of a soft and savory cake with a sweet pineapple jam filling never fails to spoil the tongue.

Although many are sold and easy to get, you can also make nastar cake yourself at home. By making your own nastar cake, you can be creative with various other ingredients to make a more unique and interesting nastar cake dish.

Not only that, you can also make large quantities to be used as Eid parcels.

If you are interested, the following variants of nastar cake recipe can be your choice.

No need to worry, the following nastar cake recipe is quite simple so it is easy to practice. Here we summarize some modern nastar cake recipes with various variants that can be your recommendations.


  • 1 pack of blueband packaging 200 grams
  • 45 grams of powdered sugar / granulated sugar in a fine blender
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 sachet of dancow milk powder packaging 27 grams
  • 50 grams of cornstarch
  • 250 grams of blue key flour
  • vanilla flour
  • A little salt

How to make:

Mix powdered sugar and blueband, stir until well blended, add egg yolks, mix well, followed by other ingredients until combined (preferably not kneaded by hand)

Fill with pineapple jam and shape according to taste, arrange on a greased baking sheet.

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