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Tips to Increase Blog Visitors Organically

Blog owners must be satisfied when they see a graph of an increase in the number of visitors. But, how to increase blog visitors?

Before we delve into how to increase blog visitors, it's important to first recognize the difference between paid search and organic search.

These two things greatly affect the amount of spending and how quickly you optimize your blog to get more visitors than before.

Basically, paid search is a way to advertise your product so that it always appears on the front page of search engines or partner sites by paying per click (PPC) or price per impression.

PPC and CPM are terms commonly used in Google's advertising product, AdWords.

PPC means that you pay every time someone clicks on your ad that appears on the front page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

CPM means you pay for every 1000 times your ad appears (whether clicked or not) on the front page of a search engine.

On the main Google page above we can see that the paid search is the one that has the "ads" symbol, and seems to pay (bid) more than other websites to Google.

While organic search is when people enter your website from relevant keywords they are looking for themselves, commonly called SEO techniques.

In other words, organic search is closely related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Without ads, the website appears as number 1 in Google searches.

SEO Tips for Your Blog

These different types of content can help increase your blog visitors.

There are at least five practical steps you can take to increase your blog visitors organically:

1. SEO friendly

There are many great SEO techniques for you to do on your blog. A few of them:

Long tail keywords are special phrases that people usually use when dealing with search engines; for example "how to make your own blog website using HTML".

 Use 1-2 specific keywords in your articles

There are five sections where you can insert 1-2 specific keywords, namely in the title, headline, header and body, URL, and meta description. The title, URL and meta description will appear on the Google page.

Make sure your blog is mobile friendly

With a very rapid increase in smartphone users, now internet users will tend to open websites more often from their smartphones.

If your website does not have a mobile interface, it will be very difficult for users to use your website.

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