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Recognize the Symptoms of a Leaking Matic Motor Radiator

On the automatic motor, of course, there are various important components that have an important role in relation to engine performance. One of them is radiator water.

Not without reason, considering that the radiator fluid on the automatic motor has a very important role. That is, it functions to cool the engine so that the temperature inside the engine becomes more stable even though it is used for long driving.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to always maintain the condition of the radiator circuit on the automatic motor. This includes coolers or so-called coolers.

Motorcycle Radiator Water Leak

The reason is, if there is no proper maintenance, it is likely that the radiator water will have problems. Such as seepage or leakage experienced by many scooter owners.

If the radiator water leak on the automatic motor is ignored, it will most likely trigger more severe damage.

Therefore, to overcome this, you should take your motorcycle to a repair shop. However, as a reference, it is not wrong to know what are the factors causing water leakage from the radiator motor, which Mas Sena explains in the following segment.

As is known that the function of the radiator water (coolant) is to cool the engine temperature. If there is a leak in this section, it will have a lot of impact on the disruption of the engine cooling function. Identify the cause for you to be aware of as a preventive measure

Features of Leaking Motorcycle Radiator Water

Using Plain Water, Not Cooling

Not infrequently the radiator water on automatic motorcycles is often replaced with ordinary water. In fact, this is an act that is not right at all.

Not without reason, considering that water containing dissolved oxygen and some other chemical content is very easy to trigger the appearance of corrosion.

Because, later it will be channeled to the entire arrangement of engine components through a special line, the possibility of water will trigger the occurrence of rust. So that the channel as a radiator water channel becomes perforated due to corrosion.

So that over time it will also make the radiator on the automatic motor leak.

It is clear that the use of plain water as a radiator fluid cannot be justified. Given that it will cause very severe damage. Especially in the radiator area.

So, to prevent rust or corrosion problems, it is highly recommended to always use a coolant that is specifically used as a motor radiator fluid.

Engine Overheated

Who would have thought, it turns out that even though its function is to cool the engine temperature, there are still limitations.

Because, it could be, a radiator leak or a coolant leak can be caused by the engine temperature on the motor being too hot.

Not without reason, considering that excessive engine heat triggers radiator water to evaporate or even boil.

This excess heat has the potential to trigger enormous air pressure in the motor radiator chamber and reservoir tube.

This great pressure triggers a push on the coolant so that the radiator fluid inevitably comes out through the exhaust hose.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to always check the condition of the fluid in the radiator. If the liquid volume is reduced, then fill it up to the limit/level of the radiator tube

So, you can reduce the cause of a leaky motorcycle radiator that is triggered by a very hot engine temperature condition by maximizing the radiator water so that it is always in full condition.

How to Overcome a Leaking Radiator

The presence of hard objects

Often it is not realized that it turns out that a leak in the radiator area can be caused by the impact of a hard object.

Can be triggered because there is a small stone that is ejected through the bottom of the motor and then hits the radiator water line area.

In addition, it could also be due to friction with other very hard objects so that the radiator leaks and coolant comes out.

Generally, the cause of a leaking motor radiator because things like this are often not realized. Usually, this incident will start to show if the condition starts to worsen.

So, it's no longer an excuse not to check the radiator area. Given, various possibilities could happen.

Lack of Radiator Special Treatment

Often, without realizing it, most people only have periodic services and are considered complete.

In fact, of course self-checking is required at all times. Such as by maintaining or maintaining conditions in the radiator area.

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