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How to Set an Injection Motor Using an Android Phone

The rapid development of the world of technology certainly has an impact on every industrial sector. In the motor vehicle segment.

One proof is the use of the injection system on each of the latest motorcycles. Where the function is none other than the development of the CDI system which has similarities in terms of working systems.

Namely as a source that flows electric current to the coil to take advantage of the motor's spark plug components.

Along with the sophistication of the motor features, of course, it is accompanied by the ease of controlling the injection motor maintenance system.

Because, you can also set up a motorcycle using Android via your own smartphone. Interesting right?

Setting the Injection Motor Using an Android Phone

Of course, with an increasingly advanced era like today, you need to know and understand how to tune your motorcycle via an Android phone with one of the advanced technologies called Piggyback.

What's that? How to use? And, what are the effects or benefits of these advanced components? More curious huh?

Now for more details, the following Mas Sena will provide an easy way to set the injection motor using Android correctly and you can do it independently.

Below are some things you need to prepare and understand about how to do the correct settings on an Android smartphone injection motor vehicle.

Which, to do this, you can use the app on your Android based phone or PC.

However, to implement it, a tool called PiggyBack is needed as a feature that plays a role in manipulating the system on the ECU/ECM so that the motor can later be adjusted as needed.

Well, to get it, my friend can be in the market or in several online stores with a fairly affordable price range.

So, before tuning the injection motor, make sure you already have this Piggyback tuning tool.

Piggyback Working System (Fuel Control)

How to Scan an Injection Motor

You need to know that this Piggyback is a local product that has high quality in its function as an injection system manipulator.

The Iquetche brand piggyback is here for a single cylinder motor whose function is indispensable for manipulating the atomized fuel by the ECM injector components.

In terms of its own type, Piggyback itself generally has two different types of functions, namely manipulating sensor data that will be channeled to the ECU or ECM.

While the second Piggyback function itself has a function to manipulate data sourced from the ECU which is channeled to the actuator component part.

Acceleration, this Piggyback has a very important function because acceleration slows down the valve needle timing in the injector sector.

Piggyback Main Types and Functions

Please note that this Piggyback system or technology has various advantages that do exist in the injection setting system on a motorcycle.

In terms of and usability, the Piggyback here can only reset the mapping of the fuel supply or spray in the combustion chamber. This type is more familiarly called Programmable Fuel Controller.

Then, on the other hand there is also a type of Programmable Ignition Timing Controller. The way this type of work is to reset the ignition timing or timing.

Indirectly, through a control medium like this, the timing can also be set when the spark plug will emit a spark to blow up the gasoline in the combustion chamber.

It doesn't stop there, in general it will also be used later to calculate this ignition period based on units of degrees on the protrusion of the magnet to the pulser.

Benefits of Piggybacking

In addition, as modern technology, of course, all systems designed to use it become easier and simpler. In fact, the use of a Piggyback like this will also have a positive impact on your motor vehicle.

The Piggyback component itself has a relatively small effect according to the condition of the motor setting system.

If in this case your motorcycle is still using the factory default exhaust, you should not use a piggyback. In addition to not having much effect, the performance of your motorcycle will not increase much.

On the other hand, in this case the Piggyback component is a control that can be controlled to minimize indications if there are signs of a burning exhaust. Especially when the injection motor is in a state of deceleration with a racing exhaust.

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