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How to Add Blog Visitors

For bloggers or online businesses, traffic is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Because if the blog is empty of visitors, it means that the blog has minimal ad clicks or even no product sales offered on the main website.

You need to know, to increase visitor traffic, you can do it in several ways. Well, so you don't get bored, here widehostmedia will tell you how to increase blog visitors and how SEO works correctly.

Blog Optimization For Search Engines

If you want to increase the number of blog visitors, then you must do Seo optimization on all parts of your website content.

By doing SEO optimization can help increase organic visitors or visitors from search engines like Google. To optimize this blog, you must do several things first, one of which is keyword research.

Keyword research is useful so that the articles you write can use the right keywords and in accordance with the content of the articles that are made. You need to know, currently there are lots of online tools that you can use to do keyword research, one of which is Google Keyword Planner.

Using this tool, you can find out the average searches for a particular keyword in a month.

Via Paid Ads

How to increase blog visitors you can also do through paid advertising which is usually done by internet marketing actors. Basically, through paid advertising is indeed one of the right ways to get your blog to get a lot of visitors in a relatively fast period of time.

Even so, this method also has drawbacks because you are required to have large enough funds to be able to advertise. Not only that, to make your blog more efficient, you also need to optimize it regularly to get the best conversion rate.

Share Blog Website On Social Media

Basically, just making quality articles is not enough to be able to bring in large numbers of blog visitors. For that, you must also tell people about the articles you create through social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter to Facebook.

To maximize the number of visitors, you can try to share blog content on several social media, then do a comparison to see which social media brings in the most visitors.

Those are some ways to increase blog visitors that you can apply easily. Actually there are many other ways that you can use to increase visitor traffic, such as by using Google AMP and others.

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