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How to Sell Used Motorcycles Safely and Profitably

The used motorcycle market still seems to attract the attention of many people. So do not be surprised if the second motorcycle segment still survives in the national automotive market.

Cheap prices and can be negotiated according to the budget is one of the main reasons why many people prefer to buy a used motorbike over a new motorbike.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many used motorcycle sellers are turning it into a business field.

Tips for Selling Used Motorcycles


But with such a competitive competition, if you have a plan to sell a used motorbike, of course you need some tips and tricks so that the motorbike can sell quickly and of course it doesn't make you lose money.

Indeed, some people will sell it to a used motorcycle dealer at a cheap price considering that it sells faster. However, you can actually resell them for a slightly higher price.

Therefore, you need to apply a series of tips in selling your second motorcycle. Wre they?

Just take a look at the tips for selling used motorcycles that are profitable and safe, as Mas Sena will explain in the following series of segments.

Selling Second Motorcycle

Motorcycle Market Price Survey

The first step when you are going to sell a used motorcycle, you must conduct a market price analysis survey.

This needs to be done to consider what the selling price of the motorbike you want to sell is.

Do not let the selling price exceed the existing market price. Because, later it can damage the market price or even your motorbike doesn't sell.

Make sure the benchmark price of the motorbike that you will offer is in accordance with the nominal standard market price. If the motor is in normal condition and there are no problems, you can set a high price according to the market.

By basing on the market price, it will be easier for you to determine the price of the second motorbike you are selling.

Make sure the condition of the motor is normal and the completeness of the documents

Then, before you start advertising or offering motorbikes, it's a good idea to check a few things first.

Such as the completeness of STNK and BPKB letters. Make sure the STNK is recorded to always pay taxes and BPKB is available so that your motorbike is worth selling.

Meanwhile, to increase the selling price, you also have to make sure your motorbike is in normal condition without any problems.

Check engine and electrical circuits. Especially if the motor is an automatic motor which is of course dominated by the electrical system.

In addition, warm up the engine regularly to ensure the engine is in good performance while maintaining the electric current.

Then, don't forget to polish the motor body. If there is a small scratch, it is natural. However, if there are big cracks or scratches then you need to polish it to make it look better.

Offers on Marketplace Sites

If the documents are complete and the condition of the motorbike is ready and worthy of sale, then you have to market it.

That is by offering it through a trusted marketplace site. This is because this method is more effective in touching consumer access.

Considering, nowadays consumers are looking for more information about used motorcycles via the internet. Both social media and marketplace sites.

For marketplace sites, you can choose a trusted official site by using premium features so that your motorbike has the potential to sell more.

However, to open up more opportunities for your motorbike to be seen in the market, you can offer or upload photos of your motorbike to social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, this step is the first step in marketing your second motorcycle by using the internet as a way to introduce your used motorcycle to potential customers.

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